Horse Meat Now Approved in the U.S.

Apparently the FDA has now approved horse meat production in Roswell, New Mexico.  This meat is approved for human consumption.  This means, that possibly, the next burger you bite into could possibly have horse in it.  Canada and mexico have been producing horse meat for a while, and now the U.S. wants to get in on the profits.  Horse meat

Often, the horses that are and will be used are old family pet horses or farm horses that become too burdensome to take care of anymore.  Whether it’s illness, injury or economic reasons, these unwanted horses will end up at newly approved slaughterhouses.

At Earth Remedy – we vote no meat altogether!  What do you think about this?

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE at Natural News:  USDA Approves Horse Slaughterhouse to Produce Meat for Human Consumption