juicing Earth Remedy woman Earth Remedy is about herbal juicing, herbal smoothies, herbs, remedies, veganism, plant based health, pet health, mountain biking, rebounding and more…  We talk the truth about it all.  Our goal is to educate you, so you can choose a healthier lifestyle and start your journey into healing from the ground up.  Everyone needs an “A-HA!” moment, and we are here to lovingly shove it right under your nose.  It’s never too late to get healthy (and save a few animal friends) and we are happy to show you the way!

Alkalize Your Body Now

Having an alkaline body helps you run at 100%.  It helps fight, heal and prevent bacterias and cancers as well. You’ll be surprised as to what is making your body unable to heal itself! Alkalize Now

Herbs That Can Heal You

Herbs are an amazing wonder of the Earth!  Plants that can heal you can even be found growing in your yard! Herbs can heal, prevent, mend, uplift your spirit and more!Herb Love

FREE 3 Day DETOX Juice Plan!

Ease your way into juicing and detox with this easy to follow 3 day plan.  Detox your system for better health, a clear mind and to change bad food habits. AS HEARD ON KXXT 1010AM!Free Download

Latest From The Blog

Coconut Water Magic

Coconut is a super hydrating power drink, even better than your sugary Gatorade!  Many people don’t even realize this refreshing beverage even exists!Learn More

Love Biking? So Do We!

Another way to stay healthy is being ACTIVE! We chose biking as one of our activities, and we’d love to share our stories, reviews and recommendations!Bike Love

No More Diabetes!

Byron lost over 90 lbs and is NOT diabetic anymore after juicing and changing to a vegan diet.  He is off 3 of 4 medications and still improving by the day.Byron's Success

Favorite Weight Loss Smoothie

This smoothie is not only packed with good fruits and veggies, it has numerous healing herbs that get your body on track to lose weight!Smoothie Love

Meet January

January J. Johnson
January J. JohnsonMH
January is a Master Herbalist, vegan food enthusiast and social media guru.  After losing her father and best friend (cat Nike) to cancer, she realized that life really doesn’t have to be that way!  “There are things that grow on this very Earth that have the ability to heal most everything that ails you. It’s incredible really. So many cures can even be found in your own back yard, like in plants that you may call ‘weeds’”.  In January’s spare time, she owns her own social media and marketing integration business, plays ice hockey, practices yoga, enjoys reading and drawing and regularly mountain/road bikes.
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Meet Tommy

Thomas Leo Mulea
Thomas Leo MuleaRDMS, RVT
Tommy works in the medical field as an RVT (Registered Vascular Technologist) and RDMS (Registered Riagnostic Medical Sonographer).  He is aspiring to be raw vegan chef and is a vegan food enthusiast.   Working at a hospital, he sees preventable disease consume people’s lives every day. “It’s so sad; I meet some really wonderful people that just weren’t educated on healthy diets and herbs.  I want to help educate them so they don’t end up getting worse; they often give up hope, putting their lives in the hands of doctors and medications. The frustrations of western medicine have made me look for other natural alternatives”.  In Tommy’s spare time, he writes and produces music, plays hockey, practices yoga and regularly mountain/road bikes.
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